Work Timeline

One of the biggest impacts on my life, has definitely been the Internet. It has given me a career I love, and friends from around the world. Unlike the real world, in the digital space a lot of stuff we make is temporary. I've been building websites for over 15 years, so it goes without saying that much of what I’ve built doesn’t exist any more. At the time, the development seems so important, so much time and effort goes into each custom website.

However over time, I’ve realised that long after the websites have gone, it's the connections and friendships that I’ve made that are the meaningful aspects of my job. As such, I’ve presented my work timeline to include all the talented and inspirational people I’ve worked for and with. As well as building more websites, I very much look forward to making many more new connections in the years to come.

Web Builder

Freelance - Shopify & Wordpress

I really enjoyed the challenges of being a Head of Technology, but very much wanted to get hands on again and back to my passion of building websites. Since 2012 I’ve therefore concentrated on Front End Development. I’ve worked as a Freelancer building custom ecommerce sites on the Shopify Platform as well as building Word Press sites for Brands, Start-Ups and Agency’s. Recent Projects have included developing sites for Honey Monster, Enigma Cycles, Brilliant Noise, Three Mobile and The Body Shop.

Thank You to:

Dougal Crowder, Martin Petts, Elle Martin, Vojta Tremchensky, Vlad Stepan, Leida Nassir-pour, Mark Rochefort, Myles Anderson, Daniel Lee, Brooke Rutherford, Andre Sand, Tina Dhanji, Rowena Turrell, Darren Turrell
April 2012 - 2016

Head of Technology / Live&

I was brought on as Head of Technology by music community and gig ticketing venture The contract was over 2 years and during that great time I played an integral part in helping the business forward from start up to an established brand. I managed the agile development for the main website and gig booking service I also helped out with the promotion and running of the occasional gig which was a great experience.

Thank You to:

Mick Newton, Ben Newton, Vojta Tremchensky, Pete Duggan, Rick Lippiet, Simon Payne, Vlad Stepan, Rob Cochran, Tomass Zutis, Jonathan Beyer, Louis Sharr, Martin Petts
March 2010

Technical Project Manager / Developer

House of Eagles / Freelance

Setting up my own Web Development company, House of Eagles was a very challenging yet rewarding experience. During the first year and with help from a team of excellent designers and developers, I was able to deliver websites and Facebook apps for clients including The Body Shop, Adidas, Microsoft and Vauxhall Motors.

Thank You to:

Jenny Robertson, Vojta Tremchensky, Vlad Stepan, Rob Cochran, Pete Duggan, James Hayden-Ellis, Oscar Pettersson, Rowena Turrell, Neal Southwell, Andy Steward, Duncan Pringle, Shane O'Byrne, Candice Ackerman
March 2009

Head of Technology

Glass Partnership - Digital Agency, London

I joined London digital agency Glass Partnership as Head of Technology, and hired and managed a team of 6 talented, happy developers, all of whom have become great friends.

We worked in an agile environment and together with a fantastic team of designers, successfully built websites for brands including Cineworld, AMEX, EDF Energy, Allen & Overy (Webby Honoury), Nokia, Pernod Ricard and Sanmiguel.

Thank You to:

Alan Benzie, Pete Duggan, Rick Lippiet, Simon Payne, Euan Millar, Rowena Turrell, Mel Bagg, Neal Southwell, James Hayden-Ellis, Andrew Wood, Ben Hart, Maciej Iwanowski, Vlad Stepan, Rob Cochran, Tomass Zutis, Michał Ordon, Simon Mercer, Vojta Tremcinsky
January 2006

Senior Developer

LEGO Interactive

I was given a fantastic opportunity to work as Senior Developer for LEGO and I found my time at the global children's brand a truly rewarding experience. As well as website development I was also responsible for writing and maintaining LEGO’s standards and front end coding procedures. This was my first time working with different teams from across the world and I gained valuable experience with remote working and collaboration.

Thank You to:

Jenny Robertson, Scott Wilson, Barb Wilson, Tim Pascoe, Carol Beanie, Gary Riches, Eric Reckling, Pablo Gonzalez, Rob Light, Nadeem Butt
January 2004

Senior Web Developer

Endemol TV

For an interim period of 6 months I moved across to Endemol Televsion and was able to transfer my skill set to the role of Senior Developer there. I quickly integrated into the team, developing and maintaining code for various Channel 4 / Channel 5 TV show websites including, Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, River Cottage and Brainteaser.

Thank You to:

Steve Furminger, Kevin Goodings, Mark Rochefort, Tim Pascoe, Guy Watson, Gary Riches, John Lowe
June 2003

Senior Web Developer

Carlton TV

After graduating with 2:1 honours degree in Computer Studies from Brighton University, I was given a full time position with Carlton Communications, eventually working my way to becoming a Senior Web Developer.

I improved my front end development skills to an enterprise level, during the development of a multi-million pound interactive gambling project for Gala Casinos and Gala Bingo. I also developed sites for of a number of ITV's large TV media brands including the first Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? web site, which won a New Media Age Award and CITV’s game show website Starfinder, which won a BAFTA Interactive award.

Thank You to:

James Hayden-Ellis, Andrew A'Court, Scott Bedford, John Lowe, Kirsty Ash. Steve White, Sofia Sousa, Kat Thomson, Sheena Peirse, Morgan Davies, Gary Riches, Dave
July 2001

Junior Programmer

Undergraduate Industrial Placement - Carlton TV

I was successfully chosen for an Internship as Junior Developer at Carlton Communications - part of ITV. This was a life changing experience that kick-started my career and is something that I'm still very proud of. During my 15 month internship I was treated as fulltime member of the team developing the online gaming site I honed my skills as a front end developer during the re-design of this site and I helped the team win a BAFTA interactive award for best entertainment website.

Thank You to:

Mike Abidakun, Mark O'Neil, Kirsty Ash, Chris Ash, Jenny Robertson, James Hayden-Ellis, Morgan Davies, Neale Willis, Melanie Codarin, Alan Benzie, Simon Payne, Samantha Cole, Sarah Lipscombe, Ben Hart, Usman Aslam, Simon Dawe, Dave
July 1999
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